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Our 4th blog post is out!

Hi all,

We hope you missed us ,we sure did miss you!
But we just wanted to say Hi and let you read our new post which is up live here:

We will love to hear what you think about it and remember, we are only a click away to answer all your questions!

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My Design For A Better World

We at My Design care about the people and try to change the world into a better place to live in.
So, we started a project during this September month to help all the homeless people in Hong Kong. 

Care to help too?

What to Paint on Your mY Design Paintable Boots


Putti5-26-2016ng your very own custom design on your mY Design Paintable Boots and Shoes is easy and a lot of fun.  Here are some tips and tricks to create some playful characters and designs for a one of a kind accessory everyone should have:
  1. Butterflies

Paint a line. Draw four long triangles with the points against the line. Add a long swirly antenna to one end of the line.

  1. Cats

Paint a circle. Draw a tiny triangle in the middle of the circle for a nose. Draw two circles on either side of the triangle for… Continue reading

Painting the World Unique

5-26-16 Painting the World UniqueOnce there was a world with no color. No reds. No yellows. No blues. Only black and white and grey. Everything looked the same.  Nothing was unique or stood out as special.

In this world lived a little girl named Anne. Anne had never seen a color before, so she didn’t know what she was missing. But she felt, somehow, down deep in her heart that life was a bit duller than it should have been. She felt a need. She felt unique and wanted to bring her uniqueness out to share with the world.

The people in… Continue reading

Fun and Creative Fashion Ideas for Kids

paintable shoesWe don’t often think of fashion as fun, especially for kids. Either fashion is practical or it’s following the current fashion rules or it’s ridiculously out on a limb and only meant for rich people and models. But making fashion “fun” is a great way to expand your child’s imagination and creativity.

Here are some great ways to introduce kids to some fun and creative fashion.

  1. Give your kids ribbons and let them make an article of clothing out of them.
  2. Keep scraps of cloth around or buy cheap fabric on sale. Give your kids scissors and let them… Continue reading

mY Design Featured in Baby, Kind & Meer

Gummistiefel-zum-Bemalen Magazine feature 5-11-16 Blog PostBig thanks to everyone at Baby, Kind & Meer for their shout out and kind words about our Paintable Boots Kit.

We’ve got children’s Paintable Boots up to size 9 (US) and  women’s Paintable Boots sizes from 5-10 (US).  Makes a great Mommy and Me project that will create memories both will treasure forever.

Spending time with your children and nurturing their creative expression and then testing out your new boots in a few mud puddles is right up there as one of the most perfect days a child can have.

Make some memories today!

How to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

shoe painting kitCan you nurture creativity?

Sometimes we like to think of creativity as something you’re born with. You either have it. Or you don’t. But that’s not strictly true.  Creativity is a talent that can be encouraged and strengthened and there’s no better time to nurture it than when your child is young.

But what are some ways to nurture a child’s creativity?

Provide tools

Sometimes all a child needs are the tools to be creative. Make sure your child has crayons, paint brushes, paper, and other art supplies readily available where they can get to them.

Don’t forget… Continue reading

How to Paint Shoes with Zero Talent

paint your shoesTired of boring store-bought shoes? Want to express your inner self? Always wanted to paint your own shoes but never had the courage to try?

Want shoes that look like this?


Just follow these simple instructions to paint your own shoes.

You’ll need:

A Paint Your Own Shoes kit by My Design

Masking tape

Newspapers or a sheet you don’t mind never using again

Once you have your shoe painting supplies,

1. Find a flat hard surface.

2. Cover the surface with newspaper or a sheet you don’t want anymore

3. Get out your shoes and your paint.

4.… Continue reading

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