Painting the World Unique

5-26-16 Painting the World UniqueOnce there was a world with no color. No reds. No yellows. No blues. Only black and white and grey. Everything looked the same.  Nothing was unique or stood out as special.

In this world lived a little girl named Anne. Anne had never seen a color before, so she didn’t know what she was missing. But she felt, somehow, down deep in her heart that life was a bit duller than it should have been. She felt a need. She felt unique and wanted to bring her uniqueness out to share with the world.

The people in this world were also dull, black and white and grey in their personalities. They all did the same tasks with the same expressions at the same times with the same people. They never left the paths that they had walked since birth.

But Anne was different. She liked to hum and skip and twirl, even though the grown-ups looked at her disapprovingly. She liked to explore, even though mostly she just found the same things.

One day Anne was exploring a neighbor’s closet when she found a pair of boots. They were boring boots, like every other boots in this world. But with the boots she also found something. She found a magical container full of color. According to the instructions, you were supposed to paint your boots with it. Anne was so excited!

The neighbor just shrugged and nodded when Anne asked for the boots and the magical container for painting the boots. Anne rushed home and hid in her room and painted colors all over the boots. As she did so, the boots turned bright yellow under the paint. No more boring boots! These boots were special and unique, just like Anne.

Anne put the boots she had painted on and stomped around the room. Everywhere she stomped the paint your own boots, color came into the colorless world. She stomped the carpet blue. She stomped the walls red. She went outside and stomped the grass green.

With those paint your own boots, Anne spread her uniqueness to others, and her world was never boring again.

Are you ready to add some color to your world today?

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