How to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

shoe painting kitCan you nurture creativity?

Sometimes we like to think of creativity as something you’re born with. You either have it. Or you don’t. But that’s not strictly true.  Creativity is a talent that can be encouraged and strengthened and there’s no better time to nurture it than when your child is young.

But what are some ways to nurture a child’s creativity?

Provide tools

Sometimes all a child needs are the tools to be creative. Make sure your child has crayons, paint brushes, paper, and other art supplies readily available where they can get to them.

Don’t forget to provide them with inexpensive clothes for dress-up and imaginary play.

Buy them simple toys

Complicated toys can be fun, but they break easily. And sometimes there’s more room for imagination in simple toys like plastic animals and wooden blocks.

Read out loud with them

Reading out loud is just a great activity itself. But it also gives your children the fodder for creativity and imagination. A great book can inspire great art and play.

Go to museums

Museums are also great fodder for creativity. And not just art museums! Any museum could spawn your kid’s next great adventure.

Give them limits

You might think limits would, well, limit your child’s creativity. But often limits just mean cleverer and more creative thinking. Try giving your child just two colors of crayons or only some glue and some paper scraps and see what they come up with!

Give them unique crafts

A great way to inspire creativity is to give children something unique to paint on. Have them paint a t-shirt or jeans or even boots! Don’t forget to check out our DIY Paint Your Own Boots kits only from My Design!

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