What to Paint on Your mY Design Paintable Boots


Putti5-26-2016ng your very own custom design on your mY Design Paintable Boots and Shoes is easy and a lot of fun.  Here are some tips and tricks to create some playful characters and designs for a one of a kind accessory everyone should have:
  1. Butterflies

Paint a line. Draw four long triangles with the points against the line. Add a long swirly antenna to one end of the line.

  1. Cats

Paint a circle. Draw a tiny triangle in the middle of the circle for a nose. Draw two circles on either side of the triangle for eyes. Paint some straight lines coming out of the triangle on each side for whiskers. Add a triangle with the straight side down to each side of the top of the circle for ears.

  1. Bunnies

Draw a face exactly like a cat, but put long ears on it instead.

  1. More boots!

Draw a rectangle with an open bottom. Draw an oval against the open side of the rectangle. Draw patterns on your painted boot that’s on a painted boot.  Boots on paintable boots!  Mind-Blown!

  1. Stripes

Get some painter’s tape. Tape it in lines where you don’t want paint. Paint whatever color you like over top of it. Take off the painter’s tape. Ta-da! Neat stripes!

  1. Stars

Make stars using pieces of painter’s tape on your boots. Paint over it. Take off the painter’s tape.

  1. Leaves

Find some leaves outside. Hold them up to your boot with one hand and trace them with your paint with the other.

  1. Water

Make a curvy line of blue. Mix some white paint with some blue paint. Make a curvy line with your light blue. Alternate these stripes for a wavy water effect.

  1. Spots

Find circle price stickers. Put them all over your boot in whatever pattern you want. Paint over top of the stickers. Take the stickers off. Spots!

  1. Aliens

Paint a solid circle. Paint a solid triangle against the bottom of the solid circle. Using a dark color, paint two round eyes inside the solid circle. Paint a little mouth under the eyes.

Use your imagination and have a blast!  No worries about messing up, you can always use the magical eraser pad (included with your kit) and start over until your design is exactly what you want it to be.


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