DIY Shoes for A DIY Culture

Artisan food, artisan furniture, artisan threads; it seems everything these days is going the route of locally designed. It doesn’t get more local than your own home. Do it yourself, or DIY, has come a long way and now you can get into the movement by designing your own paintable shoes! With Paintable Zimbi Shoes, you can design and re-design the look of your shoes, until your heart’s content. Using our waterproof Magical Paints and Magical Eraser Pad, you can paint them up, wear them out, clean them off, and do it again the next day. With endless… Continue reading

One Boot, Every Style

paintable shoesLet’s face it, rain boots are in and they’re here to stay. No longer for little ones, everyone from celebrities to high fashion brands and the fashionistas who love them can be seen rocking fashionable rain boots. But, it can get costly staying on trend, with so many rain boots for every style and fashion. Enter, mYDesign Paintable Boots to your rescue! With our Magical Waterproof Paints and our Magical Eraser Pads, you can get that wow factor no matter what the season. From classic black to bold prints, mYDesign helps you complete any wellie look. Fashionable rain boots… Continue reading

Introducing mY Design Zimbi Paintable Shoes

For the past few years, mY Design has enjoyed providing many families with the joy of creating their own boots in their style and flair. We have gotten dozens of rave reviews from mothers, fathers, and even kids who have enjoyed the benefits of endless designs. However, we have noticed that we were lacking in one area: paintable footwear for older kids and adults. Thus…our paintable shoe line was born!

Introducing Zimbi Paintable Shoes

paint your shoe kitJust like our boots, Zimbi Shoes are paintable and eraseable, so you can create endless designs! The paint is also waterproof, so it will not wash… Continue reading

Paintable Boots & Wellies Make the Christmas Break FUN for the Whole Family

As many of us gear down to spend time with family, many children are leaving school for the winter break, and many parents are looking for fun family activity ideas. This is exactly the type of scenario that MyDesign Paintable Boots/Wellies are PERFECT for!

paint your shoes kitImagine gathering together near a warm fire or around the Christmas tree, drinking some holiday drinks, drawing, painting, and enjoying an entire evening together. When was the lat time THAT happened in your home?

Better yet, all boot sets come with a FREE stencil set of your choice – a perfect way to jump-start the creative… Continue reading

Birthday Party Themed Boots

mYDesign Paintable WelliesYour child’s birthday is a great time to celebrate with a party. That is, until you see the price tag that comes with most birthday packages of places that host parties. And, the expense is often hefty just to rent a room, not to mention adding a cake, decorations, gifts, and oh yes – party favors for your child’s guests to take home when the party is over. You know, those cheap plastic toys and candy wrapped inside a cute bag that your child hands each party guest on their way out the door as a thank you for coming… Continue reading

These Boots Were Made for Walking…at Zoo Safaris!

IMG_3029Visits to the zoo make for a fantastic combination of science lessons and fun viewing your favorite animals. Walking around the zoo, however, often makes for tired and cranky kids with sore feet. Rainy days add a new problem with soaking wet shoes.

Be ready for whatever the weather brings and bring on a day of walking rain or shine. Plan ahead for a delightful adventure, and why not add a brief art class into the mix.

Learning happens when children are involved with a hands-on activity while they listen. Combine a day of art and painting with learning about… Continue reading

Boot Therapy

shoe painting kitAw, the tie that bonds, or is it a paintbrush? Sometimes talking things out with a professional is a good idea. Other times, all that is needed is some time together with those you love.

Sitting down to paint alongside your son or daughter is very therapeutic. It creates a special mother/daughter, mother/son, father/daughter, or father/son bonding that is priceless. Not only is it therapy for the hands with every brush stroke, but it’s calming mentally as well. Certainly buying a MyDesign design-your-own rainboots DIY for kids kit is a lot more affordable than weeks of therapy sessions.

While a… Continue reading

Conquer the World with MyDesign

With MyDesign boots, you and your family can try new things, and keep having fun regardless. MyDesign boots give you the opportunity to introduce your children to new experiences, and do so with the comfort of shoes that they helped decorate.

New experiences can be uncomfortable for children, especially for those that don’t like change. But with boots that they decorated, with things that make them happy, they can approach these new moments with the confidence of knowing that they have something familiar on their feet. They may choose to draw their favorite animal, or paint their boots in their… Continue reading

Holiday Gifts and Filling Santa’s Boots

ilovemydesign_moreboots05Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays are just around the corner. That means parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents everywhere are making lists and checking them far more than twice to make sure everyone has a gift come Christmas morning, for the ten days of festivities and gift opening, or whenever your family gathering takes place. Here are some clever ideas for making your holidays bright.


  • Advent Boots – Start in November with a paint-your-own advent calendar boots DIY for kids. Paint your favorite base color, add numbers or 25 outlined box shapes, 12 around the sides of each boot… Continue reading

Keep Fit with MyDesign Boots

bryans_bootsMyDesign boots are a great way to keep your family active, and help them find excitement in activities that they might have previously avoided. With customizable boots, boys and girls alike can find a reason to showcase their designs, while keeping fit outdoors.

For example, why not take your kids and their new MyDesign boots on an exciting camping trip? With MyDesign, children can enjoy painting nature scenes or camouflage patterns onto their shoes, in preparation for their trip. Perhaps they could paint what they plan to experience onto their boots, and wear them as they do exactly as they… Continue reading


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