Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful child-princess …

ilovedesign_boots15-150x150Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful child-princess who had everything her heart could desire,except to leave her castle. The outside was dismal, rainy and wet all the time. But despite the bad weather, she still longed to see more than just the halls of her home. Sadly, her father had forbidden her from leaving the castle. For the rain and the puddles, he said, would eat her feet right up.

Only adults with the protective symbols may enter the rain, he told her whenever she asked. And she asked many, many times, until finally he… Continue reading

What You Give Your Children

I’ve been thinking lately about parents and what they spend their money on. Now, bear with me, because I don’t mean all parents. But a lot of parents I see, they’re spending their money on stuff. They buy nice dinners and big cars. They’ll blow a paycheck on new patio furniture or on making their kitchen look real nice. They use their money to buy the greatest and latest television. And, sure, they’ll buy their kids things too. And that’s good. Buying your kids’ stuff is a good way to show them you love them.ilovemydesign_moreboots03-150x150

They might buy their kids… Continue reading

Let me tell you a story of paint…

Let me tell you a story of paint, wellington boots  and bored children. Once upon a time, there were two children, brother and sister, who loved fun kid’s crafts. But they had a problem. See, they had already painted everything in the world. They had painted boxes. They had painted bags. They had painted tiny bird houses. They had painted paints and t-shirts. They had painted mugs. They had even painted horrible, stiff stuffed dogs. Anything you could paint, they had painted.They were bored. With no fun kid’s crafts left to paint, they painted walls. They painted expensive wood… Continue reading

Give the Gift of Time

Here’s the thing. We expect our children to make us gifts, and they expect us to buy them gifts. It’s a pretty good system. We get their love and time. They get a thing to play with.

But what if we reversed that. What if we gave our children our valuable time?

Let mshoe painting kite paint you a picture, or paint your boots, rather.

Donna is a busy, busy woman. She runs her own company. She’s head of three different committees. She buys her twin daughters each a new toy almost every weekend to apologize for not making it to… Continue reading

What if I Told You, You Could Paint Your Boots? (A Story)


It’s a weekend. It’s raining buckets outside. Your bored five-year-old daughter is seconds away from painting a new Picasso on the living room wall. You’re working home on a take-home project so you don’t notice until she puts a long red streak across your white paint.

You lunge away from your desk and wrestle the paint set out of her hands. It’s an epic struggle. She’s strong for a five-year-old.

You finally get the paint set. But then her lips pucker and she sniffs. She’s so bored!

Then you remember, you had bought something for just such a rainy day.… Continue reading

The Importance of Art in Your Child’s Life

Kid Art

Many people don’t realize how important art is to a developing child. Being able to express yourself creatively has many advantages. It stimulates both sides of your brain. Art enhances a child’s motor skills as they learn to draw patterns and shapes. As your child draws, he or she is deciding what to put on the paper, what comes next, and what colors they should use. It is a fun activity that encourages decision-making skills. As they think more and more, creativity will blossom. It is also important for language development. As the child is introduced to more colors and… Continue reading

Family Fun Night

boy-990325_960_720Nothing is better than setting some time aside to have a special night with your loved ones. Many couples practice a date night so they can have some much needed time alone to reconnect with each other. It is just as important to set a time aside to reconnect as a family. Strengthening your existing bond and building relationship is important and an ongoing task. Your children are only young once and, this time, is special and you will need to make lasting memories. It can be once a week or once a month; whatever works best for your family.… Continue reading

Let’s Think On Our Feet

paintable shoes

One of the greatest challenges for educators is finding creative ways to teach. Since kids love to learn when it’s fun, just imagine how much fun they will have when they create their own project and then wear it away!

I remember when I was a kid, when I got home from school, my dad always asked, “What did you learn today?” When your child comes home to their Zimby Designable Boots, what they learned at school that day can turn into a fun project, fit for show and tell the next day. Here are a… Continue reading

Sisterhood of the traveling wellies!

_MG_9537(1)Paintable Wellies are truly unique and can be such a fun addition to your family vacation. The great thing about art and your wellies is that they can go everywhere with you. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for you to create your next big thing. When I think about how paintable wellies can go anywhere with you, I am reminded of the book Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants. Those pants saw more unique scenery and culture than most people do. Your paintable wellies can go with you on your family vacation and can represent different places you have… Continue reading

5 Easy Designs For Adorable Painted Wellies (And How To Make Them!)

While you may be excited to try out painting your own wellies, or sit with your kids as they create their own masterpieces, there may come that moment when you are stumped for ideas. Maybe you’ve seen some great ideas around and are looking for direction how to create your own version. Below are five sets of painted wellies that our customers have created – as well as how you can create your own version!

#1 Simple Retro Flowers

0green1For the flower child in you, try this simple-but-adorable painted wellies design. This is so easy, but also colorful and eye-catching.… Continue reading


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