Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful child-princess …

ilovedesign_boots15-150x150Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful child-princess who had everything her heart could desire,except to leave her castle. The outside was dismal, rainy and wet all the time. But despite the bad weather, she still longed to see more than just the halls of her home. Sadly, her father had forbidden her from leaving the castle. For the rain and the puddles, he said, would eat her feet right up.

Only adults with the protective symbols may enter the rain, he told her whenever she asked. And she asked many, many times, until finally he forbade her from asking the question again. But that didn’t stop her longing for the outside. And she sat at her window every morning and pined, growing more and more sad.

Her father tried everything to cheer his daughter up. He brought her candy and gifts from the outside world, but nothing could bring a smile to the child-princesses’ face. One day, the king decided, on a whim, to visit a store where he found a set of Paint Your Own Boots, with non-toxic paint and two lovely brushes. He brought it home to his daughter.

At first, the princess was as uninterested as usual, but as soon as her father left, she had an idea. What if she painted the wellies with the symbols the adults wore! So she got out the paints and she painted the boots all over with pink symbols. Then slipping on the paint your own wellies, she snuck down through the castle, pushed open the huge main door, and took one large step into the nearest puddle.

The symbols glowed on her painted boots. The rain didn’t eat her feet. The paint didn’t run off the boots. She was safe! She spent the rest of the day splashing in puddles, and she was never trapped in the castle again. All thanks to the Paint Your Own Boots.

The End.

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